Body & Mind Healing Programs

“Healing is so important in present day & age. Every process that life undertakes seems to hurt us in one or another. Hence, it’s pivotal to heal yourself to heal the world around you.”- Sarika

Our techniques at Devisutra, designed by Sarika are to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body. These techniques practices include behavioral, social, expressive, and spiritual approaches. Awareness of the mind-body connection is certainly not a new idea, but it may feel unfamiliar to some, where the mind and body has been traditionally viewed as distinct entities for several centuries. However, this view is rapidly changing as researchers scientifically prove the complex links between the mind and body.   

Sarika’s holistic approach inculcates the understanding that our body is nothing but a projection of our mind. To ease out any abnormality is just to switch, tweak or press a button in our inner realm and the effect will come out pouring almost instantly on our body. Apart from devising various customized body & mind healing programs, Sarika often comes up with ideas of her own when dealing with any complexities presented to her.

At Devisutra, we welcome you wholeheartedly to experience the bliss of healing in a way that you have never imagined before.   


  • Heals Your DNA
  • Healing at Cellular Level
  • Mental Bandwidth Enhancement
  • Overall Personality Improvement