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About Devisutra

Devisutra is a yoga gateway for all the spiritual seekers and invites everyone to join them through their offerings like Workshops on Meditation, Knowledge of Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Matraspash Meditation, Nauli Kriya, Hathyogic Practices, Retreats, Spiritual Counselling and Motivation Talks which comes directly from the self experience. Devisutra is a renounced meditation center and helps people live awakened life. Kundalini energy offers a profound opportunity for those called to follow a spiritual path. It gradually releases many patterns, conditions of a person. Devisutra helps you to discover wisdom, love and right direction in your life.

Simplicity, contentment, unconditional acceptance are distinctive feature of an awakened life. At Devisutra we helps you in your spiritual journey and in many aspects of life with the help of meditation and yogic practices.


About Sarika Saxena

Sarika Saxena, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary divine desire which led her to the path of Nothingness, She is the founder of “Devisutra”. She discovered her lost self through meditation and awakened to the divine truth by the divine mother Kundalini. Her journey of awakening started with the realization of the thought right from the deep self “that it’s time to rise high now” after she lost her loved ones and it inclined her to walk on the spiritual path to understand the deep questions like “Who am I? and Where will this suffering end? She dove herself into meditation and experienced the deep force within “the divine Shakti” which helped her overcome her loss. Since then she is helping people by providing spiritual counselling along with meditation and various yogic programs which is widely appreciated from the different parts of the world.

After intense meditation for hours for years, the self motivated her towards the path of Karma yoga from the Rajyoga where she wants to share her self knowledge and awareness and serve the world through the meditation and other yogic programs. She is one of the best Nauli Kriya expert, Kundalini and Meditation yogini.


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