The journey from Hathyoga to Rajyoga

1. Kundalini

(Learn the art to awaken the Goddess within)
a. What is Kundalini
b. Learn techniques and methods to awaken the shakti within.

2. Meditation

(Meditation is the food of the soul, through meditation one can achieve not only the peace of mind but increase their soul power too).
We offer you some very easy and ultimate techniques of meditation like :
a. Breathing techniques
b. Vipassanna meditation

3. Yoga Nidra

(Yoga nidra is the ultimate technique to enter into the deepest of your self and discover the treasure which lies within.Learn to heal the self from within).
a. Experience the benefits of 4 hours of sound sleep in just 20 mins of practicing Yoga Nidra.

4. Nauli Kriya

(Learn the king of cleansing kriyas “Nauli” and how to activate anti-aging of the body by practicing it. )
a. How Nauli helps in the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti and in flushing out most of the toxins out of your body.

5. Matrasparsh

(“The Power Of Touch”)
(Matrasparsh is loving “own self” as the mother loves her own child.A very rare and unique technique where we will teach you how to establish the connection with the self as your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationshi in your life.)

6. Yogic Asanas

(“Fitness is the side effect of yogabhyas”)
Learn various asanas of Hathyoga to prepare your body for Kundalini awakening and get other health benefits.

7. Pranayam

( Pranayam is the disciplined controlled breathing )
a. Learn the correct methods of pranayam. (Anulom-Vilom, Ujjayi, Bhramri )
b. Learn how pranayam is the art to awaken the Kundalini shakti.

8. Bandha and Mudras

( Learn how Bandha and Mudras directly affects our Endocrine systems and creates the upward flow of the energy in the body.)
a. Learn various bandhas like Mahabandha (Tribandha), Uddiyana Bandha, Moolabandha, Jalandhar Bandha.
b. Learn various mudras like Padma mudra, Gyan mudra, Tadagi mudra.

9. Motivational get together

(You’re just a perspective away to change your life )
a. Learn how to release your mental blockages and sanskaras (past life impressions)
b. Learn to break the karmic patterns.

10. Celebration

( Any effort is unfulfilled without the act of Celebration and EXPRESSION is the start of all the celebration.)
a. Here we will help you to recognize your inner expression and bring out your innate natural qualities.
b. We will help you in releasing the heavy mental baggage of your life.
(We offer Celebration session to celebrate life as it comes to you. Learn how to produce the highest form of vibrations like Prem (love) and Maitri ( friendship) all around you and to raise your vibrations instantly.)