1. Awakening Devi 3 days Kundalini,Meditation and Yoga Retreat

In this retreat you will get to experience Awakening Devi program with Sarika Saxena,along with the satvik food in the peaceful, green and relaxed ambience which will cherish your body,mind and soul.
a) Experince Meditation ,Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Matrasparsh and other yogic practices morning and evening.
b) Rich satvik food to detox and reset your body.
c) Gift yourself some quality time which you will spend with yourself and your mentor to be aware about the better understanding towards yourself and feel the complete freedom in all ways.
d) Celebrations is the distinctive feature of Devisutra so that you experience the total freedom of your soul by accepting your true nature.We celebrate here by dancing,singing,cherishing the connection with the other souls and doing anything which will uplift us spiritually.

2. Awakening Devi Kundalini, Meditation and Yoga Retreat In Jaipur

Our 7 Days retreat is already going on in Jaipur at Jaipur Riding And Polo Club
Please follow the link below :