Like a mother’s touch heals her children making them bereft of any fear. Such is the power of matrasparsh, the signature healing technique developed by Sarika.

Matrasparsh, in its genesis redirects the feminine energy present inside all beings to enable self-healing which is, the best type of healing as no one can heal you better than you. It encompasses the Power of Unconditional Self-love and healing touch induced through medium of meditation and specific processes to enable the practitioner to heal within themselves.

It also involves techniques like heart meditation & deep breathing and many more which has resulted in healing the malfunctioning organs in body of various participants with chronic organ related issues. Sarika invites you to welcome the bliss in & experience your own limitlessness with prudent thoughts, healing and meditation to unravel the power of Matrasparsh, because all we need is the mother’s touch.


  • Emotional Healing
  • Organ Healing
  • Experience a Higher Cosmic Connection