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Meditation : Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation; listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation.

Meditation is not a technique but a way of life. Meditation means ‘a cessation of the thought process’ . It describes a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns . The observer (one who is doing meditation) realizes that all the activity of the mind is reduced to one.

Sarika Saxena is a meditation teacher who teaches various forms of meditation, including mindfulness and Vipassana meditation. To meditate with Sarika Saxena, follow the steps below:

1. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit for a few minutes without any distractions.

2. Sit with your back straight and close your eyes.

3. Take a few deep breaths and focus on your breath. Notice the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves your body.

4. Allow your thoughts to come and go without judgment or attachment. If your mind begins to wander, gently bring your attention back to your breath.

5. Follow Sarika Saxena’s guided meditation instructions, which may include visualization or body scan techniques.

6. After the meditation, take a few moments to reorient yourself before getting up and continuing with your day.

Remember that meditation is a practice, and it may take time to develop a regular practice that works for you. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you explore different techniques and find what works best for you.